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Weight Loss Essentials
Woman & Doctor
Doctor adjusting balance on weighing scale

Health Promotion

Annual Well Visits

Preventative Screenings

Health Promotion Consultations

Managing Medical Conditions

From high blood pressure to diabetes to headaches, our medical team diagnoses and manages illness and can refer to specialist testing and care if needed

Sick Visits

In person or via telehealth, we do our best to quickly see patients who are ill and get you back on your feet

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Blood Test
Vasculature of the Heart
Donating Blood

Onsite Lab Draws

Onsite phlebotomy offers the convenience of lab work with your scheduled appointment available daily

Onsite Cardiology Consultations

Through collaboration with Koka Cardiology we offer onsite cardiology care on a monthly basis

Pre-Op Health Check

Prior to surgery established patients and new patients can schedule pre-operative risk evaluation assessment

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Call to Schedule an Appointment

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